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Jan 06 2018 Posted by: Admin  On  Marketing

Breath-Taking Locations in Greece Where You Should Buy a Property

Earning money is never simple. Once earned, it never loses its value. While investing in a property, make sure that the property is worthy of your money. The prices of properties are very high in Greece. It’s worth noting that there are many factors that you should look out while buying a property. One of the prime factors is the location of the property. A kind of things associated with an area: Lifestyle, Job Opportunities, Hospitals, Colleges, Public Transport, Natural Beauty, Tourists Attractions, Living Standards, etc. Before investing, you need to keep in mind and choose the locations that suit your needs.

If you are a foreigner and looking to invest in a property in Greece, or if you reside in Greece looking to step out of your locality or adjoining areas, Medusa Management is happy to help at it. Being located at the southern tip of Balkan Peninsula, Greece has some of the world’s quirkiest locations surrounded by the seas Aegean, Ionian, Cretan and the Mediterranean Sea.

1.    Crete

          The largest in Greece and most populous too, Crete is home to mountains and valleys like The White Mountains, The Idi Range, Kedros, The Dikti Mountains, Thripit. A rich cultural heritage but plays a significant role to strengthen the economy of Greece.  Crete has the high per capita income, and figures are more than the Greek average while the unemployment rate is only 4%. The island is well connected by ferry services and three airports but lack of modern highways in Crete.


2.    Corfu

Corfu sees an influx of tourists every year, and this makes it a popular destination. Corfu, also known as Kerkyra in Greece, is the cultural center of Greece having peculiar characteristics of cosmopolitanism. The city has a good network of buses and ferry services, traditional and advanced high-speed ferries “Flying Dolphins.”  One can also hang around the town on a bike under a bike sharing scheme. The prestigious Lonian University, the first university of modern Greece is also here.

3.    Rhodes

Rhodes is widely known for Colossus of Rhodes, the Medieval Old Town of the City is a World Heritage Site. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations, tourism is the major source to run the economy. The service sector is considered as the most developed sector in Rhodes. The city is full of prosperous people, hotels and resorts can be found in large numbers. Transport network of Rhodes is vast is widely connected with water, road, and air.

4.    Cephalonia

The largest of the Ionian islands, Cephalonia witness sunny summers and mild rainy during winters, snow occasionally.  The economy of Cephalonia is driven by agriculture; animal breeding and olive production are the primary agricultural occupations. Italians love this city, and it handles an influx of tourists during summers. Transportation is good here, but if you have to go rural areas. You will have to face some difficulties. Some of the areas of Cephalonia are prone to earthquakes; it has seen many minors and a major earthquake in 1953 that destroyed all the human settlements.


5.    Mykonos

Mykonos is situated on the west coast, the cosmopolitan culture of Mykonos is acknowledged by the people of Greece. The blooming tourism industry is a major part of its economy. The nightlife of Mykonos is pretty vibrant; the people are very open to LGBT community. Mykonos is home to only 10,134 people. Due to its location, Mykonos has a lot of sea beaches where tourists flock during summer. A good transportation with Taxis, buses, and boats, an airport is also here which connects the city to Athens within 25 minutes. 

Medusa Management has some beautiful homes at the above locations for you. To buy a property, visit us at You can also drop us a mail at